From Coast to Coast

Dan at the beachPants at the beach

Friends, family, and loyal customer you have probably already heard that Lehigh Biltong is taking the show on the road.   
Lehigh Biltong will be traveling coast to coast, from New York City to Los Angeles.   Along this adventure we will be stopping in 12 cities throughout these great United States.   Inspired by the brave opportunists who made this journey before us we hope to continue their entrepreneurial spirit.  This road trip will be the kickstarter to many adventures FUELED by Lehigh Biltong.  Stay tuned for all the highs and lows of our trip.  We hope you enjoy our story.




  • Zeid

    With a pose like that you should be naked.
    Zeid. Good Luck.

  • Natasha

    Have a great trip, and can’t wait for Lehigh Biltong to be up and running again!!

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