A Brief History

Day 5

Close Friends     

When you become close enough friends with someone there is a point where it becomes okay to laugh at their minor misfortunes. Well Dan, Ian, and I have been friends since basically the first week of college. Dan lived in the room next to me and Ian lived in the room at the end of the hall, roomies with Sean (didn’t forget about you rojo grande). Throughout college we have seen each other through some pretty rocky times. Ian had a particularly bumpy ride. Ian has a kind of dark aura around him, like a tiny cloud looms over him wherever he goes.

Murphy's Law

We all know Murphy’s law, right? “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” What a great moral, the more you plan, the fewer things go wrong. Well I follow a slightly different philosophy. I call it, “The Ian Moment.” (Please use it whenever you can, just remember who came up with it.) The Ian Moment essentially comes from Ian's life story. Whenever something seems to be going well for him it all comes crashing down, just like our game of jenga in Charlotte. Think of it as the divine irony of the universe, usually with Ian at it's epicenter. However, similar to Murphy's law, its not just voodoo superstition. The moral of The Ian Moment is to not stake so much of your happiness on one thing. Just because one thing goes wrong that doesn't mean your whole life is in shambles. In the four years and dozens of Ian Moments I'm not sure Ian ever learned that.

Looking Good

Honestly, after spending the day with Ian I was happy for him. He has a good job, lives in my favorite city of the road trip so far, and genuinely looks happy. Not to mention that last night when we were drinking by the pool with his new work friends it was obvious that he was the ‘cool’ one of the group. The kid worked hard throughout college and it seems things are finally going well for him. Too bad history would repeat itself. It seems that we arrived, with perfect timing, for The Ian Moment.

The Ian Moment

I wake up to the sound of Ian’s finest vulgarity. He is frantically getting dressed and throwing things together. I guess he’s late for work. Not really my problem, so I try to ignore him and snuggle back into my sleeping bag. A few moments later I hear him leaving with the door slamming behind him. Then, all of the sudden I hear the door reopen and Ian running back in. Dan is up now and grabbing his stuff. I get up to try and piece together what’s going on. Ian is begging Dan to drive him to work. Ian’s car had been working fine for months until this exact morning. On this morning his car chose not to start. Of all mornings for it not to start, it chose this one. Right when he was having a great time with his best friends and inadvertently showing us that his life was in order, it slaps him the face. Anyway, Dan drives him to work, while I go back to sleep. When Dan gets back he wakes me up again. I pack up my stuff and we ship out for another day on the road.

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