Day 7

Handful of Biltong

A Cure    

I'm going to start this blog by saying I may have had a few too many last night. I wake up laying in bed trying to figure out why anyone would want to beat my head in with a bat in my sleep (I still haven't ruled it out because honestly it's likely I would have slept through it). Then I start thinking how is there not a cure for this yet? We've had alcohol for like 2000 years now, which means we've definitely had hangovers for just as long. I mean everyone has there at-home remedies but those aren't real cures. In all my tenure I've come up with a general guide to getting through it.

My Process

First things first, if you can stay in bed do so until you feel confident it won't kill you to roll out. Once out of bed creep your way over to the bathroom, wash your face, and drink some water. Next step for me is coffee, if a frappe (link for the uncultured) is available that's ideal. If it's really serious (like DEFCON 5) and drinking coffee is too big of a leap just smell it for a while, sometimes that alone will help you wake up. Some of you might take advil or tylenol for the head ache at this point, but I try and avoid the stuff. Taking advil is like an athlete taking a sports enhancing drug, it's just not fair. Right about now is a good time to return to the bathroom. I like to call this phase “getting the evil out”. It's a similar concept to leeching, you just gotta get all the bad stuff out. Then, I shower up and scrub last night off me. I find it helps to focus your thoughts on one thing or play some music. If you need to shave, shaving surprisingly helps. You focus on one thing and begin to regain motor skills. Plus, nothing is more refreshing than a freshly shaved face. I like to brush my teeth after I eat (I think that's what dentists say is better for you), so I usually snack a little at a time, because I probably won't have my full appetite back for a while. This is where biltong comes in. When I'm hungover I'll eat a whole big bag of the stuff. The salty vinegar taste is exactly what I want. Lastly, brush your teeth, get dressed, and walk out the front door ready to embrace the day.

Round 2

For us that means getting in the car to start the 5 and a half hour drive. Unfortunately for me the next city is New Orleans, which means I'm probably going to have a similar wake-up tomorrow.

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