Charleston Morning

Day 4

Waking up in Charleston     

Mornings following a late night are always tough. This is especially true when you’re waking up on a top bunk. All I can think about is dodging the blades of death above my face and landing on my feet without too much pain.  Rolling out of bed, I ungracefully hit the ground. If there is any take away from this trip it is perseverance. Why do we fall down? To learn how to get back up again. I brush myself off and stumble to the bathroom. Breakfast consists of the usual complimentary goodies: toast, fruit, and coffee.

Swinging Benches

Yesterday, we were told that one of the big attractions of Charleston is the Waterfront Park on the pier. This time we elect to drive, remember, it’s over 90 degrees and you can feel the weight of the moisture in the air. Arriving at the swinging benches, it is picturesque. Every other bench carries either elderly men reading newspapers or visiting families squeezing into two seats. Once in awhile a teenage couple walks up and takes a seat. Dan and I take separate benches, there’s only so close we can allow. I walk back to the park, take my shoes off, and walk through the grass along the pier barefoot. Ahead there is a large fountain with a woman circling around the rim with her feet in the water. The water is too appealing not to get in, so I join in behind her. While, methodically wading around the fountain and trailing this stranger I’m thinking this should be some sort of group therapy activity. It’s simple, no brain activity required, calming, and refreshing. I later find out this fountain is aptly named the Pineapple Fountain. Alas, I can’t spend the whole day in the fountain.

Day at the Beach

One of our best friends, Ian Herrighty, is working and living in Savannah, GA. We want to meet him after work, but he doesn’t get home until after 4 o’clock. So, we take this opportunity to go to the beach, something we have wanted to do so since the beginning of the trip. We decide on Folly Beach, which we discover is a beautiful beach. I haven’t been to a beach with water that perfectly tempered since Greece. Dan and I take this opportunity for a little Lehigh Biltong photo-op, as you may have noticed in other posts.  But, we don’t linger long because it is still a 2 hour drive to Savannah. Every opportunity to not be in the car is amazing, but a trip to the beach was unbelievable, and I think well deserved.

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