Day 2

The Volleyball Bar     

So we arrive in Charlotte a little late after a 7 hour haul through scenic Virginia. We splurged on a real hotel room, and thus took some time to appreciate the beauty of clean linens perfectly folded on a soft bed. The next item on the agenda is finding a bar. Our usual criteria for a bar are cheap and unique. We decide on the VGBG bar, kind of in the outskirts of the city. This place has everything, including four beach volleyball courts. We thought about playing, but the opponents seemed way too good for us. Plus you can't really drink a beer while playing volleyball. Instead, we settle for one on one corn-hole, you know, a nice one handed sport. After a few rounds we decided to leave VGBG.

Walk through the South End:

Apparently, there are two different pockets of bars in Charlotte. One is on the outskirts of the city called South End and one downtown surrounding EpiCentre which is a restaurant/bar complex. The South End community isn’t very nice and kind of sketchy. I decide to call Gabi, see meet Gabi, to see where we are shipping biltong to next. While on the phone, sans navigation, we find ourselves wandering into the opening of a park that we were convinced would be our future murder scene. We weren't far off. A few steps in we realize it's a cemetery. As creepy as it is, we truck on through because it might be a shortcut into the city.

Infamous Giant Jenga:

Miraculously we find ourselves exactly where we want to be. We end up at the Tilt on Trade, which seems like the go to college bar. After another round I hear the crash of the giant jenga tower in the corner. Being the gentlemen that we are, Dan and I go help the three young female culprits pick up the pieces. We challenge them to a game, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into. The redheaded one looks me dead in the eyes and says, “I don't lose.” Thus begins the longest game of jenga I've ever played. So long that it included Dan and I getting another round and several bathroom breaks. Halfway through one of the ladies declares that losers buy a round of shots. I’m pretty sure we are getting hustled. Well we lost. We go to the bar to get the shots and agree it needs to be something that they won't enjoy. We return with 5 shots of Jameson whiskey. It was the smoothest shot of whiskey I had had in a while, but when I looked up I saw the three girls with tears in their eyes and fighting over the one chaser they had. Revenge complete.

Bubbles Nightclub:

They tell us they are going meet more friends at an apartment but that they'll be at the Bubbles nightclub. No joke, the club is actually named Bubbles. Dan and I stay at the Tilt for another round then head to Bubbles. It's a Monday night and the club was packed. They have a wrap-around outdoor patio that overlooking downtown Charlotte. The bartender tells me the Monday night special is $5 Redbull, so I get two. Not long after we call it a night.

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