Pittsburgh: And so the road trip begins

Day 1

Meeting the Takos Family     

The two pillars of Lehigh Biltong united in northern New Jersey to begin the great pilgrimage to Los Angeles. After cramming the car with cargo and saying goodbye to our respective families the road trip began. Our eyes were set on stop number one, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After about an hour I made a ceremonial wave goodbye to our Alma Mater Lehigh University as we drove by. Several hours later we found ourselves at a Big Fat Greek BBQ with my close family and friends.  Growing up Greek means you are used to loud families and mountains of food, and this was no different.

Penguins NHL Playoff Finals

It turns out that we happened to be passing through Pittsburgh on the same night as game 5 of the NHL playoff finals and the Pittsburgh Penguins only needed one more game to win the whole thing. We decided to meet a friend downtown for a beer at 99 Bottles to watch the potential title clinching game. To me the game went quickly, Pittsburgh scored early on and carried a lead until the end. As we watched the Penguins’ players parade their newly acquired trophy around the silent San Jose crowd, the roaring Pittsburgh crowd began to amass on the busy streets of South Side Pittsburgh. As we entered the fray there rang out chants of, “Let’s go Pens! Let’s go Pens! Let’s go Pens!” Toilet paper flew up and down the street while hardcore fans drank out of giant mock Stanley Cup chalices. Tired after a long day of driving we decided to retire back to our friend’s apartment and say goodbye to the rioting fans; all the while reflecting on how great it was to be in the city on probably the most exciting night of the year.  What a great way to start the road trip.

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