Day 4

Seeing Ian     

When we get to Savannah we go straight to Ian’s new apartment. Well, he’s not really in downtown Savannah, more like a quickly developing suburb. Standing outside to greet us is a smiley Ian with a grin from ear to ear. We all know he missed us over the past month. Ian is dressed in his workday best with his pressed slacks and tucked in collared shirt. I always get a kick out of seeing my close friends in professional attire. First, it’s still kind of a new thing to me and a little strange. Second, whenever I see them dressed up that OTHER image flashed in my mind. You know, the one where they are the complete opposite. The one where they are all a mess; possibly at the end of drunken stupor. Ian is absolutely no exception to this (we have pictures to prove it).

At Home in Savannah

Now that the Lehigh Trifecta is back together we are ready to hit the streets of Savannah. The second we step foot out of the car we experience a good-old midday savannah downpour. Check out this link for the forecast: Link. Ian takes us to Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, where he claims has the best pizza in Savannah, the “local spot.” This place makes me feel entirely at home. It’s a small New York style pizza place with a few outdoor seat under an awning.  As if it wasn’t nostalgic enough, we order a pitcher of a Pennsylvania classic: Yuengling.

Alcoholic Slushies

After the pitcher the next stop is obviously another drink. Ian takes us to an alcoholic slushy place called Wet Willies. This place feels like a children’s ice cream shop, again, re-confirming my theory that drunk adults are basically children. Apparently for his new friends this is a right of passage. Dan and I get what the cashier calls “the Superman”. This is a mix between the “Call a Cab,” their strongest drink option (I know because I made sure to ask), and the “Shocktreament”. Ian opts for the Pina Colada, because, and I quote, “a good Pina Colada is my weakness.” On their website there is a footnote that all drinks are made with 190 proof grain alcohol, unless substituted with 153 proof grain alcohol depending on state laws. I don’t believe Georgia has any such laws. In fact, in Savannah there are no open container laws. So we take our alcoholic slushies on the road.

Parks and Recreation

Dan and I get a tour of the rest of Savannah’s Historic District. We stop at Chippewa Square where Forrest Gump famously retold his life story on a bus bench to any stranger who would sit next to him. Unfortunately, Savannah had to remove the original bench because people kept trying to steal it. According to Ian, Savannah was built around 24 open squares and parks, of which, 22 remain today. Feel free to fact check that, I love when Ian is proved wrong. We stop for a little while at Forsyth park which is alive with all kinds of activity such as soccer games, yoga, boxing, etc.

River Street

Having finished our adult slushies it’s time for the next round. It’s a short walk from Forsyth park over to E River St., which is littered with bars up and down the street; all facing the Savannah river. It seems to be the final destination for everyone of drinking age. From the louder college bars to the more classy bars for the older age group, they're all here. I start to appreciate all the old fashioned architecture: the narrow streets, the steep stone steps, and cobblestone walkways. This area used to be where traders docked to unload their cargo, and the street is built directly on what used to be an old railroad track that would transport the goods to the rest of the south.

Rooftop Drinks

It’s agreed that we deserve a little bit of a treat, so we go to a more upscale rooftop bar called the Rocks on the Roof. The rooftop bar has a fantastic view of the river. We spend some time here to chat about pretty much everything; all our future goals and plans with the scenic view as a perfect backdrop for such a conversation.

Wine by the Pool

Seeing as Ian is a real person now and has work early in the morning we head back to his apartment. Sitting out by the pool with a cooler housing the 1.5 liter bottle of white wine we bought from the Shelton Vineyard in North Carolina, we are joined by some of Ian's new work buddies. After about an hour the 3 of us polish off the bottle and call it a night. Tonight marks the first time I have to sleep in the sleeping bag. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Honestly, pretty comfortable.

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