Day 6


Before we leave Savannah Dan and I decide to stop for some food. After some searching online I discover an interesting looking sandwich joint. The place is called Zunzi’s and it is apparently famous for it’s huge sandwiches, and long lines. The guy in front of us says we are lucky that we didn’t get there during lunch time or the line would be all the way down the block. This place seems to be the iconic hole in the wall that every city has and that tourists may not hear of but absolutely need to go. Their slogan ‘Shit Yeah!’ is plastered on posters all over the walls. I get The Godfather, which is some mixed up mess of chicken, italian sausage, and boerewars (South African sausage). There isn’t really any inside seating so we grab a seat outside. I rarely give up halfway through my meals, even if it pains me, but I just couldn’t finish this one even though it was a damn good sandwich. I was so hot and full that I couldn’t get out of my chair. Luckily, a nice Zunzi employee is handing out icee’s for everyone, while throwing around the motto ‘Shit Yeah!’ at least once every sentence. She even gives me a Zunzi sticker which I wear proudly. While leaving I notice the flags hanging above Zunzi’s are the Greek and South African flags, who woulda thought that a Greek and a South African could work together. Anyways, we get back in the car and leave Savannah behind us.


We arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tallahassee around 6. Our new buddy Nawayne checks us into the Hilton Garden Inn. He throws in a breakfast voucher, normally $10.50 a person, in exchange for a positive review on the customer review cards. Happy to oblige Nawayne. We head up to room 216, shower up and get ready to head out.

First Bar

Dan picks the bar this time and apparently he picks one right in FSU territory. Poor Pete’s Pourhouse, seems like it has potential. I walk in and it is quite the dive bar, lude cartoons covering the walls and cigarette butts littering the floor. I guess this is where the FSU kids go to get drunk. We walk to the bar and ask the same question we always do, “Do you guys have any specials for the night?” The bartender replies that call drinks are $2.50 and well drinks are $2. We opt for the well drinks. The bartender gives us a weird look and replies, “guys it's 50 cents more for sort of decent alcohol.” Trust me sir that extra 50 cents adds up. We take our drinks to a booth where we can simultaneously watch the Warriors v Cavs game and the USA v Ecuador. Both are pretty good games. USA and Ecuador manage to lose a player to red cards which makes for a more interesting game. Around half-time we decide to play darts. More and more I realize that drunk adults are basically children, you put a game in front of us and we couldn't be happier. At this point in the road trip we have played corn-hole, jenga, pool, and now darts. That's a lot of entertainment.

Open Bar

Somewhere around drink number 6 I start to find the cartoons funny. So now I’m walking around the perimeter of the bar following along comic after comic. During my travels, I overhear a conversation about a bar nearby that has $7 open bar for college students. Luckily we both carry our Lehigh IDs still. With some quick math we calculate that at $2 a drink here we would need 4 drinks to get our money's worth. We leave immediately. Entering the Bullwinkle's Saloon it is wall to wall college kids. My drink for the night is now Lagunitas, which is actually a good beer so I'm happy.

Rap Battle

Dan and I have been listening to this audiobook called the 4 hour workweek during the drives. In one chapter the author challenges you to go talk to the hottest girl in the bar. I mean why not right? So I'm on it. Before I know it I'm in the middle of a fierce argument over which is the best flavor of starburst between a cute girl and some guy. It's pink and I need them to know that. The guy leaves and surveying the room I'm thinking mission accomplished. I think Dan thought so too but he would never let me have that. All of a sudden this girl and I are in a battle to see who can rap more of Lose Yourself by Eminem. I have been training my whole life for this moment. Incredibly this girl beats me by finish the entire song, beginning to end, without a single mistake.

Fade to Darkness

To skip ahead a little, I’m by myself roaming the bar. I finish beer #4 and at this point some might reach the conclusion that I met my goal and I should stop. Instead, from here on out I'm basically making money with each drink so I need to keep going. I post up, back to the bar and two elbows resting on top, watching the crowds around me, not really knowing what’s going on. Not long after I find Dan again. He’s in the middle of a staring contest with some poor innocent unsuspecting bar patron. I think it’s another challenge from the audiobook, where if you make eye contact with someone you are not allowed to break first. Poor dude at the bar, no one wants to end their night by being ambushed into a staring contest by Dan. Someone wins, I don’t know who and I don’t really care at this point. Almost as a third person, I watch myself plop down in the closest seat. Fighting to keep my chin from touching my chest and my eyes open, everything is getting hazy. I know I’m not physically moving but it feels like it. Images are getting dark and sounds are getting muffled. Who knows whats happening now.

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