About Us

Biltong in the Woods  

As a boy I was never fond of food; my family and friends can attest to that. Whenever I visited my family in South Africa, Biltong was basically my sole source of nutrition due to my picky diet. After all, it is packed with protein and only made with the simplest natural ingredients. I can still smell the wood and taste the biltong, remembering a trip to my grandpa’s workshop, where I munched on a bag of homemade biltong while learning the value of an organized woodshop. 


 We are here to give everyone a taste of South Africa. When I moved to America biltong became a delicacy. As a Student at Lehigh University I was tired of waiting for weeks of shipping and paying exorbitant amounts to get my fix. After a few months of reading, learning, and experimenting I began to make some of the most delicious biltong I had ever tasted. After constantly being questioned when the next batch was going to be ready by family and friends, I decided to start Lehigh Biltong.

Biltong Cutter