The Team

Two Friends

The Team

Pantelis and Dan have been great friends since they first laid eyes on each other back in their freshman hall at Lehigh University and discovered they were both to-be engineers. Dan first started the business in his fraternity house, Chi Phi, and used the resource of about 60 hungry college boys to refine and experiment with his recipe. Pantelis was of course the main taste tester. Through the college years Pantelis has been at the forefront of many decisions as a friend. He has now been brought on as a trusted member of the team to handle sales and marketing for Lehigh Biltong.

 Dan Levy

Raised by two South African parents, Dan has always felt a strong connection to his family’s homeland. This strong connection with South Africa and the entrepreneurial culture fostered by his father made founding Lehigh Biltong an obvious choice. Within his second year of a mechanical engineering degree at Lehigh University, Dan introduced biltong to his circle of friends. From there interest and demand for biltong took off. In order to establish the company he endeavored to hand make every order, while balancing school work, and enlisting in extra entrepreneurial classes for further education. Dan’s intense engineering and entrepreneurial background as well as a deep knowledge of the product has given him the skills needed to make Lehigh Biltong what it is today and to match the vision he has for it.

 Pantelis Takos

Pantelis Takos is an environmental engineer with a strong Greek heritage, hence the name. It seems he cannot name a relative who has not been or is currently in the restaurant/food industry. His strong ties and experience in that field, as well as his problem solving, brings great experience to Lehigh Biltong. Apart from his on paper credentials he is an energetic, up for anything kind of guy, and if you get the chance to meet him in person you will notice his enchanting crystal blue eyes.